About Us


In the magical city of Kyiv, located in the heart of Ukraine, lives a girl named Alla, who is a passionate marketer with a heart full of love for animals, especially for her two handsome cats - Mars and Space. And so, my story begins.

I have always been devoted to ensuring the comfort and happiness of my beloved pets, and one day, an idea came to me: to create a brand of products specifically designed for maximum relaxation and comfort for household animals. Observing my feline companions, I noticed how much they love basking in the sun or curling up in cozy corners. I understood the importance of quality sleep and how it affects their overall well-being.

Inspired by this idea, I decided to create my first product - hammocks for pets. Filled with determination to embark on this exciting and new venture for me, I began researching the art of making loungers, studying various materials and constructions that would be comfortable for cats of all sizes.

I spent countless hours refining my designs and gathering feedback from pet owners in my community. I wanted to achieve the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It was essential to me that the hammocks seamlessly fit into any home interior, be space-efficient, yet spacious enough for each pet.

I diligently worked on my prototypes, faced numerous challenges along the way - some designs didn't withstand testing, while others lacked the desired level of coziness. But I never lost hope. My love for my cats and the desire to provide them with the best fuelled my determination.

After months of hard work, I finally perfected the design of my first hammock. It met all expectations, as it was made from the softest and strongest materials, had a convenient structure that could be placed anywhere on the floor or on a window sill, and most importantly, it received the seal of approval from my fluffy cat-experts.

My philosophy and approach to production can be summed up in the phrase: "Your pet deserves the best," because every furry companion deserves a place to enjoy relaxation, just like my beloved Mars and Space.